Meet Our Apostle


Dr. Gloria Y. Williams, the Senior Pastor of Jesus People Ministries Church International, Inc., functions as a strong representative of God and is a “Light” for all those who come in contact with her. She is an instrument of God’s grace and has impacted many lives since her and our Spiritual Father, Bishop Isaiah S. Williams Jr., answered the call of God to ministry in 1982.

Dr. Gloria Y. Williams teaches and proclaims the truth of the uncompromising Word of God, with integrity, fervor and sound character. She is the Executive Producer and hosts the weekly TV broadcast “Right Connection,” a TV Outreach Ministry seen throughout the United States, the Caribbean and other foreign countries via affiliate TV stations.

Dr. Williams has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Florida International University. She received an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from All Nations for Christ Institute International, previously an affiliate of Oral Roberts University. Her administrative gifts and skills are an enhancement to the operational functions of the church which affords her an added perspective in ministry. The wisdom and knowledge of God is revealed through Dr. Gloria as she ministers “Principles of Faith” in a practical and everyday way. She truly blesses the body of Christ by speaking thought provoking and life changing revelations from God’s Word.

Dr. Williams promotes excellence in ministry and in the home; her faith will impact your life tremendously. You can “expect to be inspired and challenged by her messages.” Dr. Williams is the President and CEO of Successful Life Ministries, a mentoring ministry geared towards uplifting the world-at-large through leadership, examples and Godly character.

The vision of Bishop Isaiah S. Williams Jr. will continue to be fulfilled through God’s appointed woman, Dr. Gloria Y. Williams, a Mother in Zion.